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Write-a-thon: Monsterpede, page 06 + new collaboration
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(For those just joining us, Monsterpede is an anti-all-ages picture book that serves as an allegory for a writer’s journey. I intend to self-publish it for the experience, and I am bloging all my progress. Also, my hand is busted and typoa abound. Sorry!)

I think perhaps this book will change the world. I say this not from any great arrogance about its quality, but rather because the universe seems to be attacking. There must be a reason. In addition to all the other nonsense, my computer temporarily broke on Monday, when i only had this:

sketch: Monsterpede, page 06

But finally, my computer is Frankensteined into existence once more, though i wouldn’t put your hand anywhere near the DVD drive just in case it has an Abby Normal CPU. Hurr hurr!

art: Monsterpede, page 06

I need new frisket. This is blobby and drying up. (More evidence the natural order is against Monsterpede!)

My original second Write-a-thon goal was sixteen pages of comic script per week, a goal i made in advance of my splinted hand. As an unexpected replacement, a close friend came up with a hilariously bad idea for a collaborative story. It is smutty and explosively embarrassing, so you will never ever ever see it, bu it does mean i am doing at least one short chapter per week. she dosn’t mind my wealth of typos! Here is my wordcount so far: 1,453.

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So last Saturday, Seamus and i visited an abandoned zoo. It was spooky.

illustration: me and Seamus about to go in a haunted zoo

Never go to an abandoned anything with me, because i have two life philosophies that, when combined, create almost certain death:

1. When faced with a decision, choose the option that makes a better story later

2. Nothing in horror movies is ever real so you should definitely check out that mysterious noise

illustration: me and Seamus in the haunted zoo

The inside of the monkey house was disappointing at first… until the proverbial mysterious noise. Seamus looked up, but it was too late–it had already spotted us, and it leapt down and bit each of us right on the ass. This isn’t the first time a pissed off animal has bit me in the ass, and it won’t be the last. But this time, something was different.

We ran back to the car and checked our wounds. They were gone. I mean, the holes were still there in our jeans (i really can’t afford a new pair and super-pissed about it) but our skin was flawless, like it had never happened.

After he put me in a headlock and wrestled me into the child safety seat that i ride in because i’m so short, we went home, ate salted caramel gelato, and marathoned Community until we fell asleep. When we woke up, we didn’t speak about the monkey attack because what would we say?

By Wednesday it was clear, though. It wasn’t a ghost monkey. It was a were-monkey. Because Seamus and i both went and did this, even though we’re heinously out of shape and terrified of heights.

photo: Seamus climbing a fake rock wall

photo: Seamus climbing a fake rock wall again

photo: me climbing a fake rock wall, dressed like a banana

Definitely were-monkeys.

Oh and also, so is our friend John, so now we have something in common with him besides being really good-looking and charming and smelling good.

photo: my friend John Poor climbing a fake rock wall

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Sloppy self-portrait
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multi-media experiment by plunderpuss

This was just an experiment I did as a warm-up. (Soon you are going to get to see some illustrations, cross my heart, but I’m having technical difficulties so you’re stuck with warm-ups for now.)

For anyone curious about what it was I actually did: I sketched my own dumb face chewing on a paintbrush, painted over the lines with rubber cement, let it dry, slopped purple and orange liquid acrylic ink all over, let it dry, peeled off the rubber cement, and then scribbled on the white parts with three shades of blue Copic marker. If you click you can see a bigger version…Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

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Some more valentines
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"Honey Badger" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic markers, 2013)And three more, this time with blood and rotting flesh! Yeah, I’m a connoisseur of romance. <3

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Purple & orange again
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Stillman & Birn were kind enough to let me choose a complimentary sketchbook. I chose the Delta series, a 180 lb ivory “extra heavy weight paper” designed for wet media.

poppies by Puss in Boots (liquid acrylics + Copic in a Stillman & Birn sketchbook)

Definitely impressed. I practically poured acrylic ink onto the page, and it politely absorbed it without buckling. It has a nice tooth–there’s texture, but it doesn’t interfere with my lines.

Normally I’m not a fan of “saving” sketchbooks for “good” art, but this just feels too classy in my hands to use it for mere life drawing practice or character ideas. I’ll probably use it to record techniques/media combinations I like (as with these poppies), so I can flip through it for inspiration when I’m not sure what I feel like doing.

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How to Be a Famous Author
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comic about how to be a famous author, drawn by Puss in Boots

(This comic brought to you by a snark festival about writers-who-don't-write that Keffy and I had a few months ago.*)

Yes, ha ha, but also:

It takes hard work to translate an ethereal dream from inside your head into a set of sharp-edged, black-and-white characters outside of your head. It’s even more difficult to array the spell in a way that will magically evoke the same original dream inside someone else’s head, merely by looking at what you’ve done.

The work doesn’t get any easier if you don’t get much practice or procrastinate on finishing it. All that will happen is you’ll suddenly realize it took you ten years to draw a map, some character profiles, and revise the first three chapters seventeen times. You need to write forward, not back-and-forth. There’s a reason you take a train to visit another city instead of a playground swing.

Go. Write a spell that gives at least one reader a kick-ass dream inside their head.

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Some Valentine’s prep work
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Yes, it’s a long way off, but I have a brilliant secret plan, and here are a few sneak peeks.

First we have the saccharine:

heart-spotted cats opening a gift, by Puss in Boots

And then, as sort of a counter-point:

punk stomping on a heart, by Puss in Boots

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NaNoWriMo 2012!!!1
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Shut up, I’m excited. And instead of making you hear about it every day for the whole month, I have devised a clever system so you will only hear about it five times. I am a magnanimous blogger who understands that you don’t actually care about my silly project, which is basically a composite of the granny videogames I like to play.

For those of you who don’t play hidden object games, the kind with plots almost all revolve around a missing person who you must track down, either because you love them or you’re being paid. There are complex, ridiculous locks on doors, trunks, graves–you name it, some wacko put a lock on it. Most of them don’t even use keys; they use math and/or logic problems, memory games, etc. Here’s one of my favorites that uses three keys, from Nightmares of the Deep: The Cursed Heart.

screenshot from Artifex Mundi's "Nightmares of the Deep: The Cursed Heart"

Artifex Mundi made "Nightmares of the Deep: The Cursed Heart," and here's a typical (gorgeously rendered!) lock from the game.

This story was born when I asked myself the question: What elements could steer a society into actually developing these frivolous locks? Any one of them could be knocked off with a sledgehammer, so it would need to be fashion rather than function–perhaps a cultural institution that began as a necessity and turned into a matter of etiquette. Once the locks kept us safe from monsters…but now they’re a luxury toy for wealthy adults. After all, there’s no more monsters, right?

silly mockup cover for Cory Skerry's NaNoWriMo 2012

I nabbed the house, the night sky, the dresses, and the movie wolf from Google Images; hopefully no one sues me. All three people faces are mine; hopefully I won't sue me either.

PERILS OF THE PAST: The Secrets of Bonegarden
(Yes, my goofy title is an homage to the games, as well. They all are Something Preposition/Article Something: The Something Something.)

To avoid working for her shady family, Ermine uses her thief skills to test products for a brilliant young locksmith named Cazh. When he disappears–without paying her for her last job, which was breaking through locks he put on her bedroom door without her permission–she decides to get in touch with her roots and track him down for some good ol’-fashioned, possibly violent debt-collecting.

One of Cazh’s friends, a circus performer named Peach, is worried because she knows exactly where he went. She insists on accompanying Ermine as they track Cazh to one of the many mansions that were abandoned when the plague of monsters ended over a century ago. The nobility spent years hiding from the threat, living in fabulous opulence behind concentric rings of locked gates and walls. Now, it’s a deadly wasteland of rampant vines, broken glass, and rotting architecture. Worst of all is the ominous evidence that something large and carnivorous inhabits the labyrinthine estate.

Low on food, fatigued, and injured, they finally find a cryptic message from Cazh inscribed on one of the locks… just before they’re attacked by a monster right out of history books. They make a narrow escape, but there’s no place to hide for long. As they flee deeper into the estate, leaving improvised traps in their wake, Ermine and Peach must figure out how to save themselves—and whether or not they still want to rescue the boy who gazes down at them from the safety of the tallest tower.

You heard tell of a clever system for only posting about NaNoWriMo five times! If you are brave and click for more, you’ll be rewarded with extra pictures.Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

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Orange & Purple
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The other day I got all obsessed with these colors together. Here’s some of what I’ve done with them so far:

scribbled rockstar by Puss in BootsLiquid acrylics & Copic markers (not like you were surprised).

glowy-eyed owl by Puss in Boots

Copic & Prismacolor marker, liquid acrylics. I used colors that were too similar to do the patterns on the owl–they just look like marker rash, especially in the scan. Fooey!

orange and purple striped cat by Puss in BootsWatercolor pencils and liquid acrylics.

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owls by Puss in BootsMore owls: Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

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