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Videogame saves seagull’s life (so there)
rainforest lollipop

photo: distant shot of two seagulls

Yeah, more animal rescue. Does this happen to other people? Am i knocking seagulls out of the air with a baseball bat to get Internet attention? Look, i’m wondering the same thing as you. Maybe i’m playing birdsketball in my sleep or something.

This time, i was out playing Ingress with Briar, setting up this kick-ass geometric festival of AP (shut up), and i blah blah videogame crap needed to walk north on Elm. There we found two seagulls, one of whom was visibly lame, standing in the street.

Even though Briar is good at herding small furry tame things in my living room, she wasn’t really going to be useful in this situation, so I called Seamus and ran my plan past him, which was basically: “Drive over here so i can put Briar in the car and catch this seagull before she gets destroyed playing real-time Frogger. Oh, also bring Hanzo so when i make a satirical infographic it can have the word two several times.” (That last part was a joke. In case you thought i was seriously that douchey.)

drawing: seagull chick, juvenile with piercings + mohawk + cigarette, and adult

They were juvenile seagulls, so not babies, but still not confident adults. After i caught the first one,  the second one walked right out into oncoming traffic and waited to die. Three times. Two cars actually slammed on their brakes to avoid smushing it. Clearly, he dun’t know how to survive alone, so…

I handed Seamus the injured bird and caught the suicidal one, who was pretty sure we’d just killed and eaten his sister.

He pecked the shit out of my arm (which was the saddest, weakest attack ever–i’ve had worse sunburns) as i walked back toward Seamus. In case you didn’t know, Seamus is really smart. When i got close, he turned away and backed toward me like a freak. I was like “Why are you showing me your armpit?!” and he explained, “So they know each other aren’t dead.” It totally worked. The second the brother realized his sister wasn’t inside our intestines, he quieted down.

Then they decided to peck me together. Teamwork.

photo: juvenile seagulls snuggling in a box in my bathroom

We wrapped them into the same coat and brought them back to hang out in a cardboard box in our bathroom, because we hadn’t been to bed yet. When we woke up, we took them to the wildlife rescue.

photo: road to nowhere, labeled with jokes about the rural u.s.

You can see their new home in the back of the photo below, just to the right of my head. JUST KIDDING. They went to live with a flock of other seagulls and record hit eighties songs and have bad hair.

photo: me carrying a box of seagulls
Anyway, the moral of this story is, if i hadn’t needed a portal key from further up the road, i never would have seen the birds, and they both would probably be pavement putty by now. So Ingress saves animals! It’s a fact.

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Ingress player cartoons
rainforest lollipop

So i like to do this thing where i draw what i think people are like based on their screen names. (One of the many reasons i’m not interested in Facebook or Google’s fascist insistence that we all use our real names online. If you’re reading this, Facebook or Google, lick my butt.)

At the B.S. of Comics today, i scribbled some of the local Ingress players. I’ve actually met a few of them, but i used my mental impressions, not my eyeball impressions, so there’s zero resemblance. (Especially the animals. I refuse to believe anyone can blow up that many of my portals with paws or feathers.)

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Write-a-thon: Monsterpede, page 06 + new collaboration
rainforest lollipop

(For those just joining us, Monsterpede is an anti-all-ages picture book that serves as an allegory for a writer’s journey. I intend to self-publish it for the experience, and I am bloging all my progress. Also, my hand is busted and typoa abound. Sorry!)

I think perhaps this book will change the world. I say this not from any great arrogance about its quality, but rather because the universe seems to be attacking. There must be a reason. In addition to all the other nonsense, my computer temporarily broke on Monday, when i only had this:

sketch: Monsterpede, page 06

But finally, my computer is Frankensteined into existence once more, though i wouldn’t put your hand anywhere near the DVD drive just in case it has an Abby Normal CPU. Hurr hurr!

art: Monsterpede, page 06

I need new frisket. This is blobby and drying up. (More evidence the natural order is against Monsterpede!)

My original second Write-a-thon goal was sixteen pages of comic script per week, a goal i made in advance of my splinted hand. As an unexpected replacement, a close friend came up with a hilariously bad idea for a collaborative story. It is smutty and explosively embarrassing, so you will never ever ever see it, bu it does mean i am doing at least one short chapter per week. she dosn’t mind my wealth of typos! Here is my wordcount so far: 1,453.

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photo: getting my Viable Paradise and Clarion West tattoos

Teresa at Sabbath Tattoo inking a splashy, artsy jellyfish onto my arm.

photo: my finished Viable Paradise and Clarion West tattoos

R: jellyfish for VP XIV; L: shark for CW2012

I am a graduate of both Viable Paradise and Clarion West. These workshops changed my life in very different, intensely meaningful ways, and i’m so honored to have had those experiences and become friends with these people.

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Write-a-thon Week One: Broken bones and pretend progress
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It’s that time of year again, when Clarion and Clarion West graduates and supporters pledge to write every week in solidarity with this year’s students, generating sponsorships from generous donors. I promised to blog my progress, so to begin with, here’s an x-ray taken the first day of the Write-a-thon:

x-ray of my busted knuckle

While this post is late (i meant to do it Sunday night!), it’s proof that i’m still doing this. After all, 205 of the bones in my body are still whole, which means i’m 99.52% unbroken. Piece of cake! I’ll just use all those other bones to type with. (I’m currently pushing keys with my sacrum.)

I probably cannot deliver on the comic script i was going to attempt, but my most important goal was to get crackin’ on a picture book called Monsterpede, which is an allegory for my personal journey to the Clarion West Workshop. That means less typing than most books i work on! The original notes even contain plans for the protagonist to acquire a finger injury. My ER visit on Monday was a sign from the cosmos to concentrate on Monsterpede!

I didn’t make much progress the first week, so no new finished pages to show you, but i have an index of previous posts about the project, a photo of my workspace, a revised script, and a sketch of page six!

Monsterpede post index:

Making Monsterpede: Self-publication
Monsterpede Script & Dummy
Monsterpede Script & Storyboard
Monsterpede: Monster design
Monsterpede: Making pages 02-03
Monsterpede: Finished pages 01-04
Monsterpede: media practice
Monsterpede: a sketch + page five

 photo: my workspace for Monsterpede

 sketch: page 06 of Monsterpede

Please let your overwhelming pity rain down upon my CW Write-a-thon page in the form of sponsorship. (:

I’ll have more Monsterpede for you on Monday!

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rainforest lollipop

So last Saturday, Seamus and i visited an abandoned zoo. It was spooky.

illustration: me and Seamus about to go in a haunted zoo

Never go to an abandoned anything with me, because i have two life philosophies that, when combined, create almost certain death:

1. When faced with a decision, choose the option that makes a better story later

2. Nothing in horror movies is ever real so you should definitely check out that mysterious noise

illustration: me and Seamus in the haunted zoo

The inside of the monkey house was disappointing at first… until the proverbial mysterious noise. Seamus looked up, but it was too late–it had already spotted us, and it leapt down and bit each of us right on the ass. This isn’t the first time a pissed off animal has bit me in the ass, and it won’t be the last. But this time, something was different.

We ran back to the car and checked our wounds. They were gone. I mean, the holes were still there in our jeans (i really can’t afford a new pair and super-pissed about it) but our skin was flawless, like it had never happened.

After he put me in a headlock and wrestled me into the child safety seat that i ride in because i’m so short, we went home, ate salted caramel gelato, and marathoned Community until we fell asleep. When we woke up, we didn’t speak about the monkey attack because what would we say?

By Wednesday it was clear, though. It wasn’t a ghost monkey. It was a were-monkey. Because Seamus and i both went and did this, even though we’re heinously out of shape and terrified of heights.

photo: Seamus climbing a fake rock wall

photo: Seamus climbing a fake rock wall again

photo: me climbing a fake rock wall, dressed like a banana

Definitely were-monkeys.

Oh and also, so is our friend John, so now we have something in common with him besides being really good-looking and charming and smelling good.

photo: my friend John Poor climbing a fake rock wall

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…And it ended with STORIES eyebrows
rainforest lollipop

Tonight I gave a Copic marker demonstration to my friend Chrissy, who got several markers for Christmas. That was totally fun… we scribbled for hours. And ate cookies.

fabulous pencil portraits of Spencer Ellsworth and Cory Skerry

Her husband, who is my VPXIV classmate, fellow Pride of Liars member, and partner in crime Spencer, drew a portrait of me, and i in turn drew a portrait of him.*

Copic marker sketch of a cartoony dude's head

Playing with cool and warm colors as light and shadow, as well as checking out value and blending styles. blah blah blah scribbletalk blah

copic markers and watercolor - some weird spider lady

I miss my scanner. This looks so much better in real life.

Also, this week i have 1) interviewed for a part-time job i would looove and 2) submitted the first short story i’ve finished since last summer, currently entitled “Blue Kisses.” I’ve mostly been working on novels, but this was worth taking a break. It’s about a high schooler whose mom is a monster hunter, and when he sneaks out to do some monster hunting of his own, he finds the cemetery at night both scarier and sexier than he expected.

Yeah, i said the cemetery was sexy. Have you SEEN my trite black eyeliner? You should expect this out of me by now. Look:

photo: plunderpuss with "stories" written in where his eyebrow used to be

I was a goth in high school, and some things, like periodically shaving our stupid eyebrows, are sort of mandatory or we lose our club card.


* We used our left hands, but i thought it was funnier to leave that out, at least at first.

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Feather Monster
rainforest lollipop

monster with a tail (Copic + Prismacolor markers, 2013)

Scribbled this at work. Click to see it at full size:

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Kagerou fancomic (NSFW, I guess)
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in-progress photo of a Kagerou fancomic by rainbowbarnacle & plunderpuss

If you haven’t read Kagerou, you can probably skip this. Unless you really want to see an evil goddess trying on dresses made of weirdo sea creatures. rainbowbarnacle wrote it and I illustrated it. Don’t click if you’re somewhere that silly cartoon nudity will be an issue:

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Dr. Sketchy Scribbles (NSFW)
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Two of my co-workers and I went to Dr. Sketchy’s at the Temple Bar on Monday night. The model was Olympia, who may be the most fun to draw model I’ve ever sketched. She has such long, thin bones; it was a little like drawing a very realistic anime person.
sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss
This was a two-minute pose. If you weren’t there, you may think I drew a clutch of angry hemorrhoids, but in fact she had an adorable bouquet of cloth flowers decorating her granny panties. :)

sketch from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School by plunderpuss

This is a collaborative effort between me and two other people (I think Maegen and her friend visiting from Mexico). We each drew on it for three minutes and twenty seconds. The turquoise/blue is mine. Pretty sure the hideous leaky pink paint pen is Maegen’s ;) (It was a cool addition to this picture though, even if it did get all over Alan!)

There is a bare breast in the next drawing, so I hid it in case your nosy co-worker is peering over the cubicle wall:

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