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5 June
Bellingham, Washington, United States
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"I want those who get to know me / To become admirers or my enemies." - Adam Ant

I still have the first chapter of a novel I started when I was seven.
I'm a leprechaun with bad hair who proudly works part-time at an upscale adult store and part time at a tattoo/piercing shop owned by an APP member Well, it was fun until she moved! I also draw comic books and write novels, neither of which are published, but I'm sending out queries with my soul stapled to the SASE so we'll see how that goes. For more about me, you can always visit

I have several pets: A silver striped one, a black one, two brown ones, a big goofy white one, and a metric buttload of fish. Sometimes I'm tempted to eat the whole lot, but I'm a big softie when it comes to strays, so as long as they keep out of my secret frilly pink panties drawer, they can stay. I'm interested in indie comics, steampunk, historical maritime criminology, the old west, ancient Egypt, and practically everything else that happened before my great-grandmother had her first teeth. However, I'm not one of those crazies who wishes he was born back in the days when there was no indoor plumbing and you got to stand in the pillory for being le gay. (I find the most convincing argument for living in modern times is Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail.)

If you met me at a conference, I apologize for the smell. Next time just remember: like most terribly deformed mutants, I am afraid of the light and can be held at bay with a torch or even just a police-issue flashlight. It's usually not a problem because I don't often leave the attic.

This journal is not friends only. You may add it or explode it without incurring my wrath. (My wrath is incurred in much more interesting ways. Most of them involve small, furry animals, anime fans or the direction in which the toilet paper is hung. It goes OVER, you barbarians. OVER!)

I'm a member of several writing/critique groups. If you're a Bellingham writer and you're interested, leave me a comment.

After several novels, age-progression technology shows us what I could look like now.

"Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck." --Joss Whedon