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Some more valentines
rainforest lollipop

"Honey Badger" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic markers, 2013)And three more, this time with blood and rotting flesh! Yeah, I’m a connoisseur of romance. <3

"Zombie Loves Your Brains" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic markers, 2013)* * *

"Heart Stomp" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic marker & liquid acrylic, 2012)* * *

"Gift-wrapped Heart" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic markers & liquid acrylics, 2012)* * *

"Tombstone" valentine by plunderpuss (Copic markers, 2012)


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...any way to get a honey badger card from way out here on the east coast?

Wow, so many people have asked now. I should have had a way to sell these online. haha!

PayPal me $5 and your address? It's my LJ name at :)

Love the zombie, heart, and heart stomp valentines :)

Thank you! I wanted to have some that weren't cute fat animals, so I didn't make myself sick while I was printing and packaging them, haha!

first tasteful valentine's card for one's ex i've seen. what a great idea!

it'd be even better if i could give one to each of my exes without worrying about them comparing notes, though.

My exes don't know each other. You just filled my brain with the nightmare of imagining that they did.



Glad you enjoyed him, sir! :D

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